Saturday, November 27, 2004

After the single puke on turkey day, I thought we were all set. Nope. Yesterday was a puke filled day. Today was a sleep filled day. He slept all morning, has been awake about 4 hours, eating like a horse, and is asleep again. Poor bean. At least I'm ahead of the laundry and cleaning up for now (knock on wood). Nothing smells too bad anymore.

On another note, I have too many projects. I decided to make our christmas cards (done but for about 15 envelopes), calendars for gifts for family members (not even really begun), scarves for the girls (half done), doll for sophia (done) and am keeping on top of sling orders (1/3 done so far). I hope tomorrow is a productive day. I need to get these slings in the wash.

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